About Us
We’re a group of passionate and creative individuals who have joined to change the world.

SFU Blockchain AI Club
aims to build a community, develop content and share passion in the exciting space of these technologies. We will organize events, invite industry professionals as guest speakers and create ways for members to network. Blockchain and AI can be very complex and overwhelming topics, we aim to bring clarity and education for all members to benefit from.

SFU once had a Bitcoin Club back in 2013, but it has since been abandoned! With both Blockchain and AI industries growing, it is ever more important to bring SFU students together in these fields. The original Co-Founders first started the SFU Technology Management Club in late 2020, members of the team then formed this club for 2021. As it started with just three people.

We want to solve the problem with mis-information on the Blockchain AI industries. We would want to provide the best up-to-date news and developments with members presented with facts. Another problem is that there is no recognized community at SFU for these technologies, we want to encourage students to join, connect and share together.

The Podcast, DecenTalks was created by the Co-Founders of the Blockchain AI Club to talk and connect with professionals in the space. We believe the collaboration of the podcast and club will provide benefits to members to access more information and content. Members could even be given opportunities to join in on the podcast developments.


Our Activities

We create forums for open dialogue across different platforms. Such as, Telegram and Discord.
We aim to develop solutions to SFU problems with the power of Blockchain and AI.
The club works towards help you by creating strong long lasting connections with organizations and individuals in the field.
We organize and host online and in person events with experts.
We respond to public common questions at our forums, events and social platforms with the help of experts in the field.
We aim to share knowledge through partnership with other organizations.
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