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September 27th, 11 - 12:30 pm PST

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Connecting and inspiring students.

It is designed to share knowledge and create meaningful connections. To discuss our place as a country in the blockchain adoption, what got us here relative to the rest of the word? And, how we can improve the future for the industry here in Canada.
Meet Anthony Di Iorio
Anthony has launched over 10 companies and invested in many industries, including blockchain.
He has been involved in the shift from the Age of Computing to the Age of Information, and more recently, to the Age of Value.
In 2013 Anthony funded & co-founded Ethereum, the decentralized smart contract platform that at its peak hit $150 billion in market cap.
Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Decentral Inc., a Toronto-based innovation hub & software development company focused on decentralized technologies.
Decentral is the maker of Jaxx Liberty, A digital asset platforms that has empowered millions of people with the tools they need to control their digital lives.
Anthony has given numerous lectures, speeches, keynote addresses and interviews, and hosted over 100 technology events. He was a lecturer at the University of Nicosia’s Master’s program in Digital Currencies and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law teaching “Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Ventures and the Future of the Exchange.”
Anthony is well-versed in cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, and business. He has advised a number of companies, and as the inaugural Chief Digital Officer for the TMX Group, he explored ways to make exchanges operate faster and cheaper through blockchain technology.
Meet Amber D. Scott
Amber has broad-based financial compliance experience that includes insurance, mutual funds and banking.
She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). In addition, Amber is also a Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP).
In 2013, she founded Outlier Solutions Inc. to provide anti-money laundering (AML) solutions to Canadian reporting entities.
She also holds a mutual fund sales designation from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) and a first level Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI). Amber completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo where she majored in Psychology. Her academic interests have always included law and criminology.
Law, Psycology, and More
As a teaching assistant she assisted in the development of the university’s first applied psychology course on criminal profiling.
Amber is a firm believer in the idea that good compliance can enable good business. Find out how at
Amber is passionate about ethical and legal compliance. Her obsession with understanding the risks and devising actionable solutions has lead her to work in the financial services industry as well as with Canadian accounting and consulting firms. In 2013, she founded Outlier Solutions Inc. to provide anti-money laundering (AML) solutions to Canadian reporting entities.
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Meet Addison Cameron-Huff
Cameron has worked with some of the best in the cryptocurrency industry due to his broad legal experience in bringing new products to this market.
He is determined to find solutions that reduce risk and ensure compliance for innovative businesses in the digital asset space.
Since 2014, He has designed pioneering contracts and legal strategies that ensure clients grow within evolving legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies.
Meet Leonard Fiadzinu
Leonard is the Co-Founder of Bitcoin Bay, a blockchain technology and crypto solutions company that has been active in the space since 2013.
Bitcoin Bay managers is the longest running consistent Blockchain / Bitcoin / crypto community in Canada (top 2 in Canada in Size of community); Bitcoin Bay Toronto and Bitcoin Bay Mississauga, with More Cities coming in 2018.
Besides Blockchain he has broad experience in Capital Markets, Derivatives, Disruptive Tech, A.I, Start Ups, Investments and Alternative Investments.
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Meet Koleya Karringten
Koleya is the co-founder and CEO of Absolute Combustion, she has spent over a decade successfully designing and developing ground-breaking cleantech solutions for multiple industry sectors, including aerospace and Oil & Gas.
She is a driving force in Canada’s blockchain technology industry as the Executive Director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) and co-founder/board member of the Canadian Blockchain Association for Women (CBAW).
In her leadership role at the CBC, she has merged her passions for technology and social good to bring together blockchain companies, corporate leaders and the government to build the country’s largest blockchain ecosystem organization. An influential public speaker, writer, and community volunteer, Koleya strongly believes that uniting diverse voices behind a common goal is the path to creating a fairer, more sustainable and prosperous nation.
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